Heroin Facts From a Mom

Daily Herald - April 20, 2015 - Through her work with the LTM Foundation, Felicia Miceli has learned a lot about heroin, from preventive measures that could have been taken, to acceptance of the life-changing effects the drug has on users and their families.

Most important, she concluded, is this: "You're going to make mistakes in your life, but heroin is not one that can be made."

Here are a few things Miceli wants others to know about heroin and its devastating consequences.

- Heroin addiction often stems from painkiller addiction.

One of Felicia's biggest regrets is her acceptance of her late son Louie's recreational drinking and pot smoking.  

The social pressures kept steering Louie down the wrong path, to the point that his friends encouraged him to try some painkillers his younger brother had been prescribed for a sports injury. He quickly got hooked.

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